All fleece in Shetland was handspun for millennia. Only in 1902 was commercial mill spun yarns made from Shetland fleece.
Shetland Handspun has brought these wonderful handspun yarns back using the old established skills handed down through generations.
Yarns are produced from the beautiful natural greys and browns of the Shetland sheep. Natural dyes are used on these colours to produce a range of dyed yarns. The dyed yarns are all colour fast but the colours, both natural and dyed, age in a very subtle way.
You can knit your own garment or choose from a one of Shetland Handspun’s Fair Isle hat and glove kits.
Alternatively, indulge in a timeless Fair Isle allover or an heirloom Shetland lace shawl. Enjoy luxurious yarns knitted in traditional or contemporary items. Choose from smaller accessories such as mitts, hats, and scarves - or treat yourself to an individually designed garment.
Learn spinning, knitting and dying with bespoke tuition from beginner to experienced levels.
View garment styles, designs, yarns, kits and what is in stock at my blog spot. Contact Elizabeth by phone 01950 460551 or email with queries or to discuss your requirement.